Children in Bulengo IDP Camp Marcel Serubungo

Returning to See Fruit

In late January, EFM returned to the Goma region to resume the peace building work in the Internally-Displaced People (IDP) camps continuing to spread around the capital city. The rebel group M23 continues to disrupt daily life for millions of people, driving an estimated 6.1 million Internally-Displaced People in the DRC this year. Nearly a million are expected to flee to other countries. Community Peace Committee (CPC) leaders we trained in the camps in December asked for more assistance to do what is possible to bring peace within these communities made by the refugees themselves.

The leaders are trying to make a connection with IDP camp leaders who want to help resolve frequent disputes among general camp members. Previously, much of the work was among congregations Marcel is connected with, and EFM is trying to offer it’s reconciliation training more broadly. Marcel introduced CPC leaders to camp leaders when he arrived in the urban camp at Bulengo, then moved on to the nearby Lushagala. The Lushagala camp was already a place when the CPCs were functioning to resolve conflicts, and had drawn the attention of camp leaders. Marcel and his team will follow up with the camp leaders to give a presentation on EFM’s conflict resolution training in local churches, and how CPCs function. In an answer to prayer, God is making an inroad to bring gospel-centered reconciliation training to places where survival requires cooperation.

“[We want to alleviate their] psychological suffering and also help them get to the forgiveness that allows light in the life of the forgotten.” –Marcel

Children smile for the camera in Bulengo. Marcel Serubungo


More Opportunity to Bring Peace

Arriving for the first time in the Rusayo camp, Marcel unexpectedly reconnected with some leaders who had participated in some of his earliest peace and reconciliation training. They had heard of his work in Bulengo and Lushagala, but wanted to receive some of the same training to address some of the conflict among their members. Pastors want to help, but aren’t always sure how. “Our time with them was a time of psychological support,” Marcel says. Hopelessness also runs high, and some requested EFM’s faith restoration workshops as well.

There’s also a continual need for food, fresh clothing, and school supplies for children who are having difficulty carrying on the basic tasks of learning.

Will you partner with us to bring prayer and financial support to help the local church bring food, clothing, and peace to these vulnerable places? We cannot continue this work without your generous support.